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Power Supply Repair

When your computer won’t turn on, there most likely is a problem with the computer power supply. But, most people don’t know this. When their computer seems to be “dead,” they just go and buy another one, spending thousands of dollars on something that could be fixed for a fraction of the cost. If this happens to you, call Menza Systems to diagnose your problem first. If you are having an issue with your computer power supply, we will be able to replace it for you in no time.

Before you start stressing out about your computer and making irrational plans to replace it, call one of the specialists at Menza Systems and let them check out your computer. They can come right to your house and diagnose the problem for you. More often than not, if it actually is a computer power supply issue, they can have it replaced and your computer will run like a new in no time. Call Menza Systems today!

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Rancho Park


Configured Windows 2008 domain network. Set up scripts and shared folder permissions. Also provides desktop support to end-users. Great overall service. Highly recommended.
Doug N., Culver City, CA

Man, was I in deep trouble with my computer. It stopped working and all my business info. was on it. I was on my way to Best Buy to have the Geek squad help me and I spotted this small computer repair place on Pico. I stopped in and talked to Chris the owner and he said would look at it for free, I said OK, please be careful, all my info is in there. He told me he has been doing computer work for over 13 years. I went across the street to get coffee and hold my breathe. 20 min later I was back in his shop and all was right with the world again. He was able to bring it back to life and he didn't want to charge me, I told him I wouldn't leave until he accepted my money. I'm glad I took Pico that day, Chris will always have me as a loyal customer and I do tell all my friends. Thanks again Chris.
David J., Encino, CA

I first went to Chris in Culver City a few years ago. My daughter's lap top had a blue screen. He fixed it quickly for an excellent price. I have since taken in two other lap tops and my desk top. I'm so happy to have good running computers without the costly expense of buying new ones. I highly recommend calling him with any problem. He has "My PC" to access my computers remotely.so I don't have to leave home! Love his service. He's one of those honest and fair people you don't want to lose!
P. H., Burlingame, CA

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