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Business Solutions

Menza Systems provides professional grade network administration and management solutions to give your business network optimal performance and maximum security. Our systems engineers are qualified to design, setup, configure and manage network systems that work best for your business. Everything is design to fit your business needs. Cost effectiveness is our priority.


We can work with small to medium networks giving our clients reliability and trust in their system, leading to improved efficiency and valuable time saved for their businesses.


Network Design: We can help you create a computer network design that works best for your business. Menza Systems’ network engineers will work with you to design the best structure for your network so that your current and future networking needs are met.

Menza Systems will evaluate your current network setup and give you our recommendations for the most cost effective and practical solutions to support and protect your business. The network design will allow for system growth and will integrate any portable handheld devices and communication equipment.


Network Monitoring and Support: We can constantly monitor your servers, workstations, and devices to ensure that your system is running optimally for improved reliability and security. We provide immediate service for all client support requests.


Business Server Setup & Maintenance: Menza Systems can setup, configure and regularly service your server based on your needs and requirements. We are qualified to setup systems designed exclusively for your small or medium business.


Backup and Recovery Systems Setup: Your business data is the most valuable asset in your business. Many business owners are risking the years of hard work they invested in their businesses by failing to properly backup their data. Avoid such a disaster from happening to your business. Allow Menza Systems to setup a backup system for your network to guarantee that your data is properly protected.


Workstation Setup: Menza Systems makes adding a workstation to your computer network a time and cost efficient process. We can get that new workstation online for you the same day.


Custom-Built Desktops: At any time, Menza Systems can provide custom-built desktops. We take great pride in this service since we build them with love and care from Grade A, high quality parts that carry long warranties (much longer than any brand PC on the market). Our desktops are customized, according to our customers’ demands and budgets.


Printers, Scanners and Other Peripherals: Menza Systems can help designing and implementing the best and the most economical strategies for printing, scanning and other day to day use of such peripherals. 

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