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Data Backup & Recovery

Because data is the heart of every enterprise, it is crucial for you to protect it. And to protect your organization’s data, you need to implement a data backup and recovery plan. Menza Systems Computer Services specializes in data recovery and offsite data backup services.


Automated Data Backup: To avoid data loss, Menza Systems recommends always having a backup system in place. Backing up files can protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. Data backup should be automatic and should not involve any individual’s valuable time during the process. Installation of a backup hard drive and/or an offsite backup service is the most efficient and dependable way for most businesses or individuals to have the most current backup system in place. Menza Systems can help you setup a fully automated system backup routine that will keep your data backed up and secure. 

A very efficient backup solution may be a cloud backup that can very well work together with the local backup. The cloud backup is the perfect way to safe-guarding your data in case of a disaster. 


Data Recovery Services & Solutions: In addition to helping you to backup your data safely, we also offer data-recovery services that can attempt to recover lost files resulting from hardware malfunctions, software conflicts, or viruses. Our state of the art hardware and software often allows us to fully recover data that is believed to be lost forever. While not all lost data is always recoverable, most of the time all data on a system can be retrieved. If you have data that needs to be recovered, do not use your PC! Your risk overwriting lost data that can be recovered every time you use your computer. Contact a Menza Systems technician and schedule a data recovery service on your hard drive right away.

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