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Laptops & Mobile Devices

Laptops and notebooks have become a very effective tool and are bringing work efficiency to everyone from students to on the go business professionals. Just like every portable device, your laptop will suffer from the usual wear and tear from day to day use. Sometimes issues arise and your laptop seems unfixable; however, the majority of laptop problems can be resolved.


Laptop issues can range from hardware failure, operating system or program conflicts to viruses and spyware programs that wreak havoc to a stable mobile computer system. At Menza Systems, our certified technicians are experienced in troubleshooting and fixing all of your computer problems quickly and efficiently. We work on all makes and models of laptop & notebook computers.


Our services and repairs for laptops include:

  • Motherboard Repair / Replacement

  • LCD Screen Replacement

  • DC Power Jack Repair / Replacement

  • Keyboard and Touchpad Repair / Replacement

  • Hard Drive Upgrade / Replacement

  • RAM Memory Upgrade / Replacement

  • Video Card / Chipset Repair

  • Cooling System Repair / Cleaning

  • Broken/Cracked Covers Repair / Replacement

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