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Computer Upgrade & Repair

If your computer is in need of an upgrade or repair, a Menza Systems computer repair technician can do the job. Don’t let your system get sluggish. Most problems are solved with a minor tweak or hardware tune‐up. We can get your system optimized for best performance and efficiency to guarantee you less time waiting, and more time working and being efficient.


System Optimization: Using a suite of specially designed tools, our technicians will improve PC speed and performance. Your system will be cleaned of unwanted programs and malware, and tested for optimal PC hardware and software functionality to increase the speed and health of your PC.


Software Install & Upgrade: We can help you install that new software you purchased. After safely determining computer compatibility, we can install and configure any software title to work with your system. We also perform necessary software updates and create access shortcuts as needed.


Hardware Install & Upgrade: A Menza Systems Computer Technician can help you install any internal or external PC component, such as a hard drive, a graphics card, a memory upgrade, printer or scanner. To guarantee that new components are working properly, we configure and test all new hardware installations for any hardware or software conflicts or issues.


Operating System Upgrade or Re-Install: If your computer is running slower than usual, or if your system lost some of its functionality, it could be because of a corrupt operating system. A complete Windows upgrade, repair or reinstall can fix this issue and make your computer run like new. With every OS installation, your system is checked for errors and updated for optimal performance. In most cases, by upgrading your Operating System, all your files, programs, settings are preserved. All you have to do after the upgrade is to continue using your PC. There are a few exceptions or incompatibilities, but those will be assessed before the upgrade. A report would be generated and saved as a reference after the upgrade.


Custom-Built Desktops: At any time, Menza Systems can provide custom-built desktops. We take great pride in this service since we build them with love and care from Grade A, high quality parts that carry long warranties (much longer than any brand PC on the market). Our desktops are customized, according to our customers’ demands and budgets. 

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